A pixelated hello

Hello all!

I’m Pixel, He/They. You can find my public mushroom journal here: 🍄 Mushrooms

Last year as a sophomore, I became involved in my college’s sustainable energy efficiency work. I ended up writing a paper on the environmental impact of digital archiving/knowledge keeping, which included dialogue on the intimate connections of mycelial networks and forests.

I started photographing mushrooms during daily walks this summer. I later took an ethnobotany class that helped me recognize my fungi and plant awareness disparity. Next semester I will be doing a 1-1 directed reading with a plant biology professor on food systems and permaculture practices especially in Southeast Asia.

As an engineering and environmental studies student, I am interested in critiquing engineering and sustainable development. I am inspired by practices of supporting agrobiodiversity and learning from natural intelligence. I am currently working on setting up a solar powered web server as a part of solar protocol. I have several years of experience in grassroots organizing related to Asian diasporic groups as well as environmental justice issues.

Maybe I should mention I’m also trying to figure out post-baccalaureate e.g. grad school programs or fellowships at the intersection or dual program of engineering / infrastructure / ecology / mycology or something—flexible on what that might look like as long as I can continue to explore my passions, so feel free to suggest papers or something that might have people I should get in contact for that.

I look forward to growing and learning with you all!


Hej Pixel :slight_smile: great to have you here! And thanks for that detailed introduction! I love your journal!

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thanks for the warm welcome!

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Hey pixel, so cool to see you here :slight_smile: Thanks so much for joining and introducing yourself!

I really enjoyed reading what you had to share. Super cool that you’re working on a solar-powered web server. The solar protocol blew me away when I first saw it. Hoping to do something similar one day.

Regarding possible grad school programs:

You might want to check out the fungal ecology offerings at The Hynson Lab for Community Ecology, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and Fungal Ecology Cardiff. They are both focused on fungal ecology but there may be some opportunity for an interdisciplinary pairing with engineering / infra.

If you’re looking for more of a social sciences entry-point, then it might be worth taking a look at the Ethnobiology program at the University of Kent.


Thanks for the links! Excited to check out these programs.


Good to have you here! Where are you based?

@phylanx northeast, around NYC/ NJ/ Philly

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Cool, we’re so international here :smiley: I’m in Berlin. If you’re ever here, feel free to join one of our mushroom hangouts!