A small check in

Hey guys, been missing you all a-lot. Ive had to put my mushroom cultivation practice on hold since I’ve left the Country (last April)

Currently I find myself in the states with a whole new frontier to work with. So when I return to the beautiful land of South Africa I shall resume my cultivation practice but for now I’d like to introduce you to a new cream ive been formulating with Reishi, Chaga (and maybe Oyster in the future.)

It’s a melanin balm for deep cellular rejuvenation and im excited because im getting back into something that I left behind ages ago (funny how the cycle of life goes sometimes)


Looks nice, did you use it yourself?

Hi @merlyn, nice to hear from you.

My mushroom cultivation was also on hold for the summer while I was back in the US, but I’m now back in germany and started cultivating again. It feels good to start again… although we’ll see if some of the old cultures I left come back to life or if I need to start fresh…

also this message of course not meant to increase the pain of missing the mushrooms (I hope)… but just noticing how it felt nice to come back to it, after stopping for a period because of logistics and changing life situation