Compositum - Johnson-Su-Bioreactors extended

Dear Community, I’m currently employed at FEZ Berlin as Manager for the Team “Sustainable Education” and during my time here I tried to improve our composting site. I’d like to share all the details of the project so far and looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:

Compositum Yearly Report EN.pdf (1.9 MB)


Call for participation: Dear peeps, to build the Version 3 of the compost I’m organizing a 3 day workshop with hands-on practical work and deep understanding of the project. Please PN me if you wish to participate and at what date. We will start early in the morning and I checked the weather - its supposed to be not raining. You will need earth/mud proof footwear and approriate working clothes. I will provide vegan sandwiches and drinks - so no need to take anything. A detailled plan and a proper instruction will follow everyday in the morning at 8. It’s mandatory to really be in time as we will work in working groups with some good music :slight_smile: I hope that we will have a bit of festival feeling. Looking forward to host you and thanks for your volunteering in advance! :green_heart:🪱:mushroom::herb::fallen_leaf::maple_leaf::mushroom:🪱! Details on how to get there via PM