Encouraging posts in any language

So far all of our communication here has been in English. I wonder how we feel about explicitly stating that contributions in any language are welcome?

Personally, I would like to remove English language capacity as a barrier for interacting here. It would be awesome to see conversations unfolding in many languages.

Perhaps we could encourage the use of language tags to help in the process of finding threads or members with our chosen language? I’m interested in hearing other opinions and feelings about this.

agreed posts in any language would be great. tagging them with the language makes sense.

I also imagine people can write in any language they feel most comfortable in, and then its pretty easy to use translate to read. feel like its better to use google translate on the reading side then the writing side.

also thinking about multi-lingual XR meetings I’ve been to, where people speak in the language they feel most comfortable in, and people help with translation on the listening side

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