First time pea tempeh

Hey everyone I really want to share this with you.

I’m super happy that my tempeh worked out because I thought I had ruined it. But no! It’s incredibly tasty and wasn’t even much work. Thank you @Jana for sharing your starter with me!

I followed this recipe, replacing beans with peas. I thought I had not cooked them enough but it worked out just fine. Next time I will cook them about 50 min. This time it was about 40 min.

Tempeh Recipe @superfoodrevolution

I used about 2 cups (=235 ml) worth of dried organic peas. Followed everything as specified.

My incubation chamber is an old fridge I fished off the street and cleaned thoroughly with H2O2 and 70% isopropanol. I’ll do it once more with bleach once I bought some, to be sure.
There is no temperature control in there, I just added a bit of boiling water to raise the temperature in the beginning - didn’t really think it would work all that well! haha

Here are the pictures after about 36h.

Mush love



This is so rad! Thanks for sharing. It looks like you had amazing results for your first attempt! I’ve never tried making tempeh before - I’ve never even eaten any - but this makes me very excited to try. It’s great to hear that the super low-tech approach of using boiling water in the old fridge was sufficient to raise and sustain the temperature. So cool :slight_smile:

It’s amazing how short the process is! It seems like such a quick process would be a very nice complement to the longer cultivation cycles of edible mushrooms, especially since the hulls of the beans can be used as the supplementation source in sterilised substrates.

Do you know of any alternatives to using the plastic bags? It seems that leaves are often used in traditional preparation methods. Maybe that’s something I should try (my neighbour has banana trees).

Hey there, thanks for your enthusiastic response!

Yeah, plastic would be cool to avoid. I have no knowledge of alternatives but banana leaves sound like a good one! They should have really low nitrogen content, making them unattractive to contamination.

Of course in the long run I want to work with something else as well. I have thought about using some kind of tray but havent fully figured it out yet :slight_smile: