Fruiting time? Ganoderma lucidum

Ganoderma lucidum


So these bags look ready to go.
My intention is to grow some antlers in the bag until a decent height (not sure how big that is but im feeling 5 - 10cm antler height) then opening up the bag to increase O2 levels To catalyze conk production.

Im wondering if i need to get rid of the mycelium growing up the bag? Seen in the 1st photo.

I grew these bags in moderate darkness but wondering if maybe putting them on a 12/12 light cycle next time? While they colonize…

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Another perspective of the 1st bag…


(Same bag as pic 1 - mentioned above)
Excuse my morning bed hair popping through the edge of the picture :slight_smile:

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Yup! :raised_hands:

Nope, no need to do that. Ganoderma spp. have a habit of reaching up like that - it won’t cause a problem. They’re some of the easiest species when it comes to fruiting; as long as the temperature range is good they’ll just go ahead and fruit. I’ve even had spore-bearing surfaces begin to form on mycomaterials before, sans fruitbodies.

Here are some examples of the reaching behaviour:

Over-myceliated grain spawn

A fruiting bag (most of what you see is mycelium growing up inside the bag)

The reaching behaviour can even desirable if you are aiming to produce mycomaterials. The pieces in this photo are pure mycelium cut from the inside of a bag.

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Wow that jar (your 1st picture) reminds me of Lions mane tendrils somehow.

Myco materials is very fascinating and something i haven’t had the pleasure of exploring yet, but nonetheless I will look into it.

Thanks again @glyph for your awesomeness.
Will be keeping updates here when the bag begins fruiting.

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2 grow bags.

  1. 2.

Fruiting out of the tiny holes i made with my scalpel, filter patch and holes in the grow bag. Hungry for oxygen I guess :slight_smile:

Going to open up the 1st bag tomorrow.


Ganoderma lucidum

A developed conk after 70 days (from initial inoculation onto grain: LC)

I love it how Reishi indicates vectors of contamination through its yellow metabolites.