Fungal Library Sharing

Hej lovely peeps,

we have plenty of species at in Potsdam and next week i will visit the lab to transfer our cultures to new media. Its a chance to copy some material if your are interested?

[Plz refer to the post from Nicola down below]

Let me know here!

This thread could also become a platform for sharing cultures, so feel free to offer what you got to share :slight_smile:

Have good one!


@MalteLarsen I’d be interested in getting a transfer from your pleurotus ostreatus culture … so far we have been mostly using a strain we cloned from a mushroom from Edeka, and another that was cloned from the wild, but I’d like to try another strain to compare

Hey, wow good to know, thx a lot. Can you get me please a cordyceps culture? Would be awesome! I could offer for example a Piopino and some others. Sharing is caring. Mushlove :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! I’m sorry to say that the cordyceps is my culture and I have promised my source not to share it with others. So that one is not open source, sorry!

Oh, ok, dont worry. I think I cab get one soon and it it’s a good straun I’m happy to share it here :slight_smile:

Sorry, just noticed that pioppino already exist. Well, these days I will look in my colection. Maybe there is something interesting :wink:

Sure, will do that. I will give you an update once I’m in the lab


Thanks Malte for bringing it up! Here´s my list of strains

I´m happy to share!


Hi, so cool, thx a lot. I would be still so happy for a cordyceps militaris :slight_smile:

As mentioned in DM, would love some Pleurotis ostreatus and Ganoderma lucidum. Can contribute some Stropharia rugosoannulata although it is not an easy one for the lab :wink:

Hej, @notplants @Tim your culture are rdy for pickup at my place :slight_smile:


Super, thankyou for sharing the myco love!