Fungi and Fire (literature)

Fire is one of the sub-topics we would like to explore in the second cycle of the mycology reading group. I’ll share some papers here so we can get a better feeling for what literature is out there and how we might like to approach this topic. I imagine we might want to focus on a particular aspect of fire and fungi, such as post-fire recovery and stabilisation.

Here are three papers to get started:

McMullan-Fisher SJ, May TW, Robinson RM, Bell TL, Lebel T, Catcheside P, York A. Fungi and fire in Australian ecosystems: a review of current knowledge, management implications and future directions. Australian Journal of Botany. 2011 Feb 10; 59(1):70-90. PDF link.

Claridge AW, Trappe JM, Hansen K. Do fungi have a role as soil stabilizers and remediators after forest fire?. Forest ecology and management. 2009 Feb 10;257(3):1063-9. PDF link.

Cairney JW, Bastias BA. Influences of fire on forest soil fungal communities. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 2007 Feb; 37(2):207-15. Abstract link.

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