Hello friends of fungi

Hello everyone and thanks for having me in this group! I´m looking forward to join your corporative exchange of knowledge and experience :slight_smile:

I am studying International Forest Ecosystem Management in in a small but green city close to Berlin (Eberswalde). Through the studies content and by electing a few extra modules I took some chances to gain a superficial knowledge about mycology, mostly regarding a bunch of plantpathological topics (and a bit about mycorrhizae). In the meantime I took some attemts cultivating a few edible mushroom species, tempeh and koji, as well as some tours of foraging in the forests. With a fast growing fascination of the topic I decided to look for ways that could get me more familiar with the topic, with special interests on forest health (Pathogens and mycorrhizae) and the cultivation of mushrooms as a hobby. Currently I am spending my internship in Palencia (Spain) working partly in the mycorestore project, collaborating with the local institute for fungal biotechnology (IDforest) and another non-scientific project, initiated by a friend from ethiopia, with the aim of developing lowcost/lowtech teks of cultivating edible mushroom species on agricultural waste products. Last one shall be implemented in ethiopia for getting a local production of mushrooms started (it is according to Tatek currently not well established). Our scientific projects here focus on the succession of mycorrhizal communities as well as productivity with a special twist of bringing forest fires as an influencing factor into the ring. Another interesting investigation focusses on the inoculation of Cistus ladanifer seedlings with a Boletus edulis, creating a symbiosis (unfortunatelly this project is pending due to contamination issues). I will soon start a thread that will give your deeper insight especially into our mushroom cultivation project, hoping for some good ideas for improvements ( since our team is semi experienced hehe).

In this spirit, I´m looking forward to a lot of interesting conversations!


Hi @timst, thank you for introducing yourself! Sounds amazing what you are doing!!! I definitely want to get more into the topic of strengthening mycorrhizal communities in different ecosystems (especially forests). I’d be very happy to read about your project!
I’m studying biotechnology at the TU Berlin right now (finishing my master’s thesis atm), so I think of myself as coming from a different angle at the topic and I’m so keen on learning more about the network / community aspect of everything!

Let’s stay in touch and see how we can support more biodiversity :slight_smile:

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