Hello new friends!

Hi everyone! My name’s Sunny (they/them) and I am in my 4th year of undergraduate studying Restoration/Conservation Biology! I am in the process of writing an independent study proposal for this summer about the presence of soil fungi in damaged and restored tall-grass prairie systems in rural midwestern US where I live. Very excited I found a place to talk with other myco people and find good resources of knowledge!


welcome sunny :slight_smile: curious to hear about your proposal once you put it together (or before)

Hey Sunny, welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself :slight_smile:

Your proposed study sounds really interesting and, like @notplants, I too am keen to hear more when you feel ready to share. I know so little about soil fungi; always more to learn.

Welcome @Sunnysky! Besides what the friends above said I’d also encourage you to share any interesting papers you find along the way. Scientific or otherwise, anything that gets you thinking really.

Great to have you! Looking forward to keeping track of your research and findings :slight_smile: That’s a very interesting topic in regards to regenerative agriculture practices and their effects on soil diversity. Can you give us some information about what kind of restoration methods were applied on the sites that you are observing?