Hello world and thanks for having me here!

Hi Everyone,

I’m Tim, born in Australia, lived around the world and now in Berlin since around 13 years. I used to collect mushrooms in my teenage years and was always interested. Last year the telegram group was introduced to me in the first part of lockdown and inoculated me with interest again!

I have a Kleingarten (allotment) near Dammweg so I have prioritised my explorations to growing ourtside for now. To begin my interest is making enough grain and eventually inoculated substrate to spawn a solid colony of Stropharia rugosoannulata (Wine cap/Wandering giant).

Also under my bed is 3 sleeping oak logs with Shiitake inonculated. I should have really started in early spring but I was too impatient! Anyway, something kind of nice about sleeping over your mushroom logs.

Look forward to meeting you all, virtually or hopefully in person!
Warm myco vibes!


Hey Tim glad to see you here.

I feel you there is something nice about sleeping in the same room with mushrooms growing. I had a monotub growing last spring at the foot of my bed and found it surprisingly comforting.

Looking forward to meet you at some point as well!

Hi @Tim, welcome to Hyphal Fusion! I hope you enjoy your time here.

I resonate with your desire to explore outdoor cultivation. I tried to start a patch of Stropharia about two years ago but the substrate I used was very leafy and moldy and the mycelium was out-competed. Really looking forward to giving it another go soon! Peter McCoy has some helpful notes on expanding mycelium to start outdoor patches in his book Radical Mycology (page 298 - 299).

Living alongside fungi also gives me a warm glow :smile_cat:

Thanks for the input - yes I have a meticulous substrate planned :wink: will check out the notes in Rad Myco, thanks!

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