Helo, i hath joined

hi y’all. this is mira. some to several of you may know me from ssb.

essentially the deal is i am pretty green with mycology but have learned a lot in the last year. i really enjoy culturing strains on petri dishes and so far have not had as much luck fruiting.

most recently i’ve been trying to improve automation for grow bins to be able to induce growing conditions for future grows. won’t have time for ~1 more month to test but will probably start with a pearl oyster grow from storage.

other than that i take pictures, used to write poetry and make videos. i work in tech; not coding. black flag anarchist, qualia-aware, interested in anything, repair bikes n cars, queer, etc. hope y’all are well. tell me about yr projects!


Hey Mira! So cool to see you here. Thanks so much for joining and introducing yourself!

I think it’s rad that you’ve followed an inverted trajectory compared with most folx who get involved in cultivation - usually fruiting first and then only getting into agar work much later, if at all. Your petri dish work will stand you in good stead. It’s just a matter of time and tinkering until you’re greeting by huge flushes of fruitbodies. I’m excited to see how you get on with the pearl oyster grow.

I’m hoping to take a bicycle maintenance course this year so I can level-up my knowledge and skill. I can do some basic things but would really like to feel confident in all aspects of repair. Have you been working on any bike projects lately?

No active cultivation projects here at the moment, though I’m preparing to run Pleurotus djamor on straw + coffee in 25 L buckets. Might see if I can get away without pasteurizing the straw. We’re in the peak of summer so it’s a good time to get the warm-loving species running.

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