How to clean monotub after contamination?

After a monotub contamination, I’m cleaning the monotub to prepare for a new round.

I tried pouring a bit of water into the monotub, as well as bleach, and then using a towel dipped in the solution to wipe down the surfaces (while wearing gloves).

Then I closed the lid, draped the towel on top, and am letting it sit for a couple hours with the bleach solution still inside.

This is all a bit superstitious but I’m hoping this purifies the monotub such that it can begin again as new…

any other post-contamination cleaning teks/tips welcome…

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One small tip is to avoid putting cultivation-related objects on the floor at all costs. Not only is the floor likely dirtier than table-top surfaces, there is also a higher density of microbes in the air as you move toward the floor. Cleaning, incubation and fruiting should all be done on raised surfaces. I seem to recall Stamets writing about this.

As far as the cleaning goes, I think your bleach solution approach is a good one.

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Aw wouldn’t have thought of this about more particles closer to the ground but makes a lot of sense

Might poke around to look for a mycology/aerosol paper also looking at this

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