How To Know When Liquid Culture Is Done?

A couple weeks ago I made some liquid culture,
using 1000ml water and 8g honey as media ratio,
in jars with airport lids.

I inoculated the liquid media using slices of agar of oyster mycelium.

Everyday I put the jar on a magnetic stirrer until it whirlpools (for about 10-30 seconds),
and there is a metal bolt in the jar which helps it stir.

After about 2 weeks, here is what I am seeing:

I have a couple questions:

  1. what should the liquid culture look like when it is done / ready for use to inoculate other media? do these jars looks good?
  2. is this one whirlpool a day enough stirring?

I also tried inoculating some petri dishes with some of the liquid culture
– I maybe put too much LC into the dishes, but it appears to me that there is a layer of mycelium growing over the entire dish.

Hi notplants,

your LC looks great!
If your Petris are all white and there is no contam they are clean and good to go. I recommend about 5mL per jar of grains (I do 100g dry weight of cereal), even less LC might be enough.

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thanks @phylanx – since that post, I’ve tried taking the LC to grain with no luck yet (no mold no nothing) – but going to keep trying. I’m thinking perhaps I cooked the LC I had too long causing sugar to caremelize and maybe some mycelium grew at first but then it ran out of food and died out (totally speculative theory)

placing this here for any future readers, as it seems like a nice guide

To me the most probable explanation is that you didn’t catch enough mycelial fragments. Try to shake the LC very well before taking anything with the syringe and then you have to see mycelium in the syringe. Everytime before inoculating a jar, shake the syringe as well - not too much so you don’t spritz LC around, but still with force :wink:


I can happily report that my LC tek (using water with 4% honey and silicon self-healing injector ports) is working,
these two rye grain jars were inoculated with LC and are now well colonized.

I think in my earlier experiment I was accidentally not putting enough honey (just a multiplication error). I got a tip from Ale that when using Malt extract in the LC medium, the LC changes color when it runs out of nutrients, which seems like a useful property. I’m curious to try it.

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