Intentional Contamination and it’s influence in mycelium growth and fruiting

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Really like what I see here on this forum and would like to introduce myself.
I am a retired physician that worked in a research lab for several years prior to start practicing medicine in the USA.
In the early 90’s I was able to isolate and partially purify a Human Chorionic Gonadotropin like protein from Sacharomyces Cerevisiae and Candida Albicans. It was fascinating to see the pregnancy hormone having “close relatives” in unicelular eucariots.
Now, retired, and loving the gastronomy of mushrooms I built a simple lab and fruiting room using retired insulated shipping containers used to bring salmon from Alaska!
I want to eat Shrooms but also run some experiments, some on its way!!
I am running pleurotus ostreatus in masters mix contaminated with Sacharomyces introduced prior and after sterilization. So far growth is similar!! The protein I purified in the past was a heavy inducer of transition from blastopore to hyphae in Candida Albicans reason why I want to know if Sacharomyces can influence mushroom growth.
If there is interest I will share my findings and engage in further discussions!!
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Growth of the p. Ostreatus or the Sacharomyces is similar in both conditions?

This looks like an amazing set up you have! That is a cool thing to investigate as well. Our group (#kiezpilz ) uses nonsterial techniques for our bulk cultures so I think your results would be super relevant for us.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Sacharomyces grows well at room temp and tolerates good variations. So far is interesting that Pleurotus ostreatus in sterile substrate contaminated with active/live Sacharomyces is growing in a similar pattern than Pleurotus ostreatus alone. Nevertheless, non sterile substrate with Pleurotus ostreatus and Sacharomyces is not growing anything!…… so all the other contaminants “ are not welcome”.
I am just on my first runs of “ everything” so no conclusions will be made yet!!


@omar this shipping container setup looks amazing, and i like that you know what the containers originally shipped :slight_smile:

very curious to hear the results too. performing small independent but rigorous (or at least intentional) mycology/cultivation experiments is something I’ve been thinking about too and would love to see more of

So far in a very limited amount of bags ( 6 ) 2 bags with Sacharomyces introduced after sterilization, 2 with Sacharomyces introduced prior to sterilization and 2 without Sacharomyces.
It seems that the one that has live Sacharomyces shows less mushrooms but twice as big…… The other two groups are identical.
Let’s compare also weights when I’m ready to harvest!
Finally …… it is interesting that those shipping containers were cheaper than a same size shed!!

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Well, here we go to my partial inconclusive results:

1- the final average weight of the harvest with live Sacharomyces was almost the same than without or dead SC
( 1.62 lbs vs 1.51lbs vs 1.53lbs) Interesting though that live yeast did not interfere with the growth of mycelia and later with the fruiting process
2- the morphology of the fruiting bodies was different and it seems that under the influence of SC, the mushrooms were somewhat bigger.( purely observational)
3- this is quite preliminary, and I would like to run a larger experiment in which I can run a simple statistical analysis to see if I achieve true significance in this results but unclear if iam willing to use 60 to 100 bags to pursue this, will see.
4- if the master mix bags were not sterilized eat al, nothing grew but the oats that started germinating!!!
Makes me feel that Sacharomyces by itself dos not bother mushroom growth , but all the other microorganisms present and alive do!!!

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