Is this mycelium or contamination?

I am growing reishi on this agar.
Which i transferred pure looking culture from since it seemed to me that there might be contam
And i wanted to isolate the “good” looking growth of mycelium

The whole agar dish is white with no signs of visible signs of discoloration anywhere on the petri dish.
However, the mycelium is not uniform in shape or form.

If i had to describe it, there seems to more rhizomorphic growth in the center and on the edges seems to be conglomerate spots of mycelium.
The “two” myceliums seem to have a border between them and dont appear connected or interfacing one another. This makes me suspicious
These conglomerate spots may be contamination however.
Im not sure.

Just wondering if i should chuck this dish away or not?
It was my very first agar so has somewhat sentimental significance but dont want to spread nasty stuff around. So…?