Is this type of pressure cooker ok?

A friend is starting growing mushrooms and got this pressure cooker.

I don’t see see any pressure gauge on it, or any emergency release valve (features which have generally made me feel safe on the pressure cookers I’ve used).

Has anyone used this type of pressure cooker? Do you think it reaches sufficient PSI for sterilizing grain or any safety tips?

no idea on most questions here but one thought is you could probably order a few of those sterilization indicator strips i see on some myco supply sites and do a few runs to see if it hits sufficient temp/psi

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I heard from @phylanx that this type of of pressure cooker should work, and that the red dot on the cooker is the release valve.

Will see how it goes with some grain.

Testing with strips sounds like a good practice, imagining next time I’m buying a pressure cooker from craigslist/kleinanzeigen bringing a strip with me and asking the seller if they mind if we give it a quick run lol

It should be a pressure cooker, but maybe has some issues.
On their website I couldn’t find the instruction guide, nor the product on sale

As suggested, test it with the autoclave tape

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