Kiez Pilz Fruiting Morphology

This week we are seeing our first fruits out of our oyster buckets :slight_smile:

Of the buckets that are fruiting we are seeing a lot of different interesting mushroom shapes. This is also our first time fruiting this particular strain (which was cloned from the wild).

We also inoculated a few 1L bags at the same time as the buckets, as a sort of control group. To my eyes, the pin sets coming out of the bags look nicer than the one’s coming out of the buckets.

We are thinking of trying to increase the fresh air in the room (by increasing the frequency that the extractor fan turns on from 15 minutes twice a day to 15 minutes six times a day). Also wondering if bigger holes in the buckets might be a good idea. Any thoughts welcome. Here are some pictures:

1 (labelling to make it easier to talk about)