Moss General Lab Notebook

hi all,

starting this as a general public log of my myco endeavors. nothing special at the moment, just some general notes.

made transfers of shiitake strain, plates CA3 and CB3 ( ≈ P3 in Stamets’ system). agar wedge to honey liquid culture, 350 mL, jars CA3 and CB3 respectively. additional transfer of CB3 wedge direct to supplemented sawdust/wood dowels, jar CB3. sterilized 2 monotubs and transferred bulk pasteurized supplemented sawdust substrate from night prior to monotubs; transferred pearl oyster (CA3) colonized oat spawn to monotubs, 1 qt jar per.


transfer of shiitake CB3 liquid culture via 22G syringe to two supplemented sawdust/wood dowel half pint jars, 3 mL each. next transfer will be same process one week from now.

transferred additional 1 qt jar of pearl oyster CA3 colonized grain to 1 monotub. why? because it had to be used and that tub was lagging the other. will i introduce contamination pointlessly and spoil the batch? we shall see.

composted additional 1qt jar pearl CA3. overhydrated and half colonized, as is most of the batch due to reconstituting and re-sterilizing an old batch of unused grain jars gone dry.

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