My quick lactose veggy fermentation tek

Hey peeps,

I do practice this tek for a while now. I’ve to admit is kind of addictive once you start - drinking the warm ferment gives you quite a high on neural stimulating bacteria that are massaging your brain. The boost of positivity that comes with it will teleport you right away out of the winter depression. So enough talking, lets get to the point: Veggy lactose fermentation is usually done at room temp. - I do it at body temperature. Thats not only faster but also the bacterias are highly active! I build a simple veggy fermenter with heater and sensor. I guess you can find all necessary information on the PDF attached:Larsen Quick Fermentation Tek.pdf (12.1 MB)


Hey Malte, sounds great, I’ll definitely give it a try! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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