Mycology and Automation, just a few of my favorite things

Hello all,

I hail from Georgia in the US. By day I conduct mycology research and by night I build automata to keep alive (sometimes thrive) plants, mushrooms, and other organisms. I’m currently in the middle of a project documenting the entire process of foraging mushrooms, building a HEPA-filtered laminar flow hood, producing agar Petri dishes, isolating pure cultures from the fruiting bodies, propagating culture in spawn, bulk inoculation and colonization, developing a temperature/humidity/CO2-controlled environment with a Raspberry Pi, and finally fruiting the bulk substrate inside it. This is all done with the hobbyist in mind, so I’m using all off-the-shelf components rather than $10,000 biological safety cabinets and such. I’ll definitely share the article/video I’m making when it’s complete, but I just wanted to introduce myself and share a bit about my mycological hobbies.

Also, @notplants introduced me to Hyphal Fusion since he was familiar with my software Mycodo.



Also, here’s a time-lapse I recently made for the project I’m working on. Enjoy!


@KyleGabriel so cool to see this time-lapse. Its so beautiful.

I had a sort of day-dream recently about a crowd-sourced database of time-lapse videos of all the different stages/techniques of mushroom cultivation for different strains (this was when I was looking at a slow growing liquid culture after 15 days and wondering if it was unusually slow and was thinking I wish I could see timelapse videos of other people’s liquid cultures and just visually see how far along they usually are after 15 days)… perhaps a project for a future date

Documenting the whole process you described with the hobbyist in mind sounds really helpful. Curiuos to see it when its complete. Thanks for sharing.