Next Biopunkz Meetup 15.10.21

From Miguel: Dear mushroom enthusiasts! We are happy to invite you to our October meeting! We hope to use this spaces as opportunities to connect with each other, to share ideas to create projects and to learn how to grow our community!


@notplants: Could you consider doing a short intro to the forum and a how-to install the app/link? :slight_smile:

@MalteLarsen I would like to come to the meetup, and could present the forum, but from the past year I’m not so sure this discourse is catching on haha… seems like people like telegram better

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Let’s figure out what the advantages of the systems are and what we are actually searching for… I would probably do a short opinion poll. I guess it’s mandatory to understand the needs and expectations of our community first :slight_smile: if you have any specific questions you can pm me. And thanks for presenting it - i also think many people dont know about it yet or how to use it

@MalteLarsen ok sounds good. We can consider it one more try with the forum, to see if it catches on with the biopunks, and if not consider some other options. see you friday !

great, lets do it. I just prepared a short questionaire:

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Can quickly check? If you agree I’d probably send it today already

@MalteLarsen I think it looks good. Would be curious what people say and interesting questions to think about

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