Oyster Bags Fruiting From Inside Top?

@Ale and I have both been seeing oyster bags which are fruiting inside the bag, near the top near the filter patch.

I’ve been seeing this even on bags where I cut an X in the sides, where I was hoping they would fruit out of, but the oysters seem uninterested in my ideas and have their own plan. Ale suggested if they want to grow out of the top of the bag, maybe we let them do what they want and cut open the top of the bags.

has anyone else seen this? any suggestions or reason not to cut open the top of the bag?

here are some photos of the fruits going for the filter

and here is a photo of the x cut on one of the same bags, apparently not an appealing exit

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Try folding that excess top bag portion over to reduce the top airspace. If there’s enough excess, fold it under the bottom of the bag, or tape it to the side. This will prevent a lot of pinning/fruiting in that area. When you cut open the bag, this cavity can have the CO2 evacuate (because it’s heavier than air), but if the airspace is minimized by folding the top over, you can allow the CO2 to build up again and minimize pinning/fruiting.

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