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I found that discourse has a “wiki post” feature, where you can turn a post into a wiki so that anyone can edit it. That seemed like it could make sense for a collective resources doc, so I’ve turned this post into a wiki post. Feel free to add resources and links here.

A crowd-sourced google doc with a large collection of other resources:
Mushrooms in the time of Coronavirus: a resource list

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I didn’t know about the “wiki post” feature - that’s cool! Do you think it makes sense to have separate wiki posts for each broad subject? I was about to add some mycomaterial links and wondered if they might be sufficiently different from cultivation, medicine, foraging etc. to warrant a separate thread?

@glyph having separate wiki posts for topics within resources makes sense to me. If the wiki were to get really large, you can also create subcategories within a category, and then have posts within there.

but I imagine for us probably just one top level of posts within resources would work well

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