Rhythms of cultivation, cultivation plans from master to bulk

With new mindfulness for avoiding senescence, in the next round of kiez pilz cultivation I’m attempting to be more thoughtful about the path of transfers we’re taking from master to bulk. This inspired my question here about visualizing propagation.

My plan is to try the following:

  • master culture agar to agar into a few more plates, put a few of these in the fridge to save as well (T2)
  • from one of the T2 plates, make a few jars of LC (G2)
  • put a couple of these LC jars into the fridge to save, from one of these LC jars, make a few more LC jars (G3)
  • use these new LC jars to inoculate two grain jars per week (G4)
  • from these two grain jars per week, do a grain to grain transfer to inoculate 6 grain jars each (G5)
  • use these 12 G5 grain jars as spawn for bulk inoculation of buckets (G6 Bulk)
  • whenever the G3 LC jars become empty in the fridge, which I think might take months, since I’m just inoculating 2 grain jars per week, do some more LC to LC transfers from the G2 LC to make new G3 LC.

This plan will end up being a rhythm very similar to what I was doing before with a similar amount of work (producing 12 grain jars per week), but instead of doing a grain to grain transfer every week from the previous batch, and steadily increasing the generation count, I’m always starting from 2 new grain jars made from LC.

does this make sense? any other recommended/industry-standard plans for continuous cultivation?



Your plan sounds good to me!

What is your current sterilisation capacity in terms of grain jars? Perhaps at some future stage you could increase the number of grain jar inoculations per cycle to maximise on your sterilisation capacity (assuming you have capacity to sterilise more than two at a time). That would allow you to increase your output for the same input of time and fuel / electricity. If you don’t have fruiting capacity to make use of the extra grain masters, you could always sell them or gift them to other cultivators :slight_smile:

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@glyph following up on this — this rhythm has worked well for me. I sterilize 12 grain jars per week (about the capacity of my pressure cookers) and I turn 10 into G2 grain spawn via grain to grain, and 2 into G1 grain spawn, inoculating from LC

I like the idea of sharing spawn with people in the future too when I meet interested folks

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I returned to this thread to say, I was talking with a friend about this rhythm, and the question came up:

how long do LC last and stay viable in the fridge?

I will search about it, but also curious how long others usually try to keep an LC