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Hej peeps, i just recently stumbled upon the Solarpunk Movement Solarpunk - Wikipedia

I feel really connected to the story they tell and the overall vision… Is what we do as a collective already moving towards it? Can it be a blueprint story for transformation away from capitalism?


@MalteLarsen I was just at a solarpunk gathering in Denmark called SolPunk earlier this month. You will have to come to the next one! which I think will be next year… it sounded tentatively like somewhere in Germany…

when I thought solarpunk was just an art movement, I wasn’t that convinced (just one more thing to give a name?), but as I’ve met more people who try to embody and live in solarpunk ways, I feel inspired by it again.

The SolPunk festival ran entirely on solar power, and we ate mostly dumpster-dived food. One person there also insisted on only drinking coffee they made from water from the pond heated over a fire, which I thought was nice next to all the “high tech” visions.

I think the Biopunk-community, mycology, and solarpunk all have a big overlap.

Here are some pictures from SolPunk of dumpster-dived food + setting up a local internet:


Wooooow!! Thats incredible, you have to tell me more about it :slight_smile: are you coming to the next meetup?

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Here are some groups about the topic:

Just found this biopunk short movie… I guess the difference of solar- and biopunk is obviously the “post society as we know it” - scenario:

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It’s very inspiring: Als Selbstversorger auf dem Bambusfloß | Doku HD | ARTE - YouTube

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@MalteLarsen nice. btw, here is the invite for solpunk which is happening in svendborg, denmark again this year from august 26 - 31

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Awesome, we are planning on doing smt small in Portugal this year!

Where are you atm? @notplants