Successful core sample w/o disinfectants

about three weeks ago I tried cloning this mushroom by doing a “core sample”. In the flow hood, I split the mushroom into two pieces down the middle, and then just cut some tiny pieces of mycelium out of the middle of it using a scalpel, and also a syringe. I put some of the pieces into agar, and some directly into liquid culture.

Everything appears to be clean. Didn’t use any peroxide or anything. Cool that it worked.

photo of LC made from the cloned sample

photo of grain inoculated with the LC made from the cloned sample

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Awesome work! The spawn looks really healthy. I take the same approach: no peroxide when taking a core sample. If I’m taking the sample from the outside - for example, the leading-edge of growth on a polypore - then I’ll use peroxide. Thanks for sharing your progress.

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