What are your projects?

Dear peeps, I’d love to see more of your projects and backgrounds :slight_smile:


Hi @MalteLarsen! I hope you don’t mind but I moved your post from the Gathering section to the Open Sharing section (seems like a better fit).

I took most of 2020 off from cultivation but my most recent project was growing Pleurotus ostreatus on pasteurized straw in 25 L buckets. It was a fun project and really motivated me to grow more food in 2021 (I’ve previously been focusing more on medicinals).

Here are a few photos (LC -> wheat grain -> straw):

What have you been working on lately?


Hi Glyph, that looks amazing. Are you at the conference today?

Thanks @MalteLarsen! I wasn’t at any conference yesterday. Which one were you referring to?

Thanks for migrating the post :slight_smile: definitely a better fit. We held a conference with the biopunk group from telegram https://t.me/joinchat/S7BlRuOvadkKcg6s

Are you a member? If not please feel invited to join the group… its the interlink to the forum.

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cool! thx for sharing, also the pictures :slight_smile: we also use similar containers for growing oystermushrooms but we only habe holes in the lid. i think i wilm try making some more further down, as it often looks like the primordia and fruiting bodies dont make it that far up!