Cultivation attempt Stropharia rugosoannulata (Wine cap) and Pleurotus djamor (Pink oyster)/ winter experiment in the outdoors

Hey friends,

Long time since I last checked into this space. Landed back in South Africa after living in the USA for about a year, with no mushroom cultivation going on at all.

Excited to fire up the pressure cooker again with two unfamiliar cultivars; the wine cap and pink oyster.

Definitely a bit rusty since I forgot to soak my rye + sorghum grains the night before. Nonetheless, I boiled them for about half an hour.

Made about 4 bags in total (3 liters of hydrated grain in each besides the fourth which had 4 liters). Added some gypsum.

The pressure cooker is almost done. Alarm set for 20:22 :slight_smile:

Sealed the bags beforehand with an impulse sealer. (Not sure how everyone else likes to do it?). Will inoculate tomorrow in the evening with a friend.
Plan to do about 6cc - 8cc of liquid culture in each bag. Have to come up with a plan for a makeshift injection port, might stick some red silicone onto the bags - hopefully it sticks.

Really happy to be cooking again, in my new home in Noordehoek, little bit sad I didn’t get the opportunity to say farewell to you before you left @glyph. But I have to thank you for passing on the information about cultivating wine caps in winter, to Murray. Definitely got me inspired! Also the tips about cold water pasteurization :ok_hand:

Hopefully these bags colonize smoothly and I can put them in the garden with ease. I’m thinking of waiting for full colonization to occur, and adding them to a bed of biochar, (oak) woodchips, straw, sawdust and soil?

Is it wise to put grain spawn straight outdoors into a bed?


@merlyn happy to see you are back at it. I also just was travelling for five months and not doing any cultivation, but since a week ago back in Berlin and felt good to fire up the pressure cooker again.

good luck with the grow !

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@notplants thank you Max.

Trust your travels were exciting and enjoyable.
Curious to find out what specie(s) of mushrooms you were playing around with?

Day 2 - Busy day, only managed to get back to my pressure cooker in the evening.
Pulled out the bags. A fair amount of condensation around the walls is present.
Used RTV red silicone to make a makeshift injection port on each of the 4 bags, took them out of the pressure cooker - didn’t bother putting them into the SAB yet. (Too tired to go back downstairs and take a photo, it’s late)

This silicone takes 24 hours to set! Another delay in the process…oh well. Will have to inoculate the bags tomorrow only, in the evening (Day 3).

Hey @Merlyn, welcome back. I’ll respond to your post more fully in due course but quickly wanted to respond to your question:

Not wise. The grains are are likely to be gobbled up by birds and rodents before they’ve had a chance to serve their function as mycelium launchpads. I’d recommend inoculating some of your bulk substrate with the grain spawn and incubating it in large storage tubs (like a monotub but with no holes and opaque…the Addis RoughTote tubs are ideal for this). You can then use the myceliated substrate from the tubs to establish the outdoor beds, combining it with more bulk substrate.


@glyph as always I am grateful for your practical insights and mentorship. Definitely will order a bunch! (TakeAlot having a sale on the 68L :sparkles:)

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