DIY Lion's Mane Extract

So I wanted to try making my own Lion’s Mane extract powder because apparently some of the chemicals are trapped within the chitin normally. I think I’ll get a commercial powder for actual use, so it’s prepared properly, and I really don’t have enough mushroom for anything substantial at this point. This is just a fun experiment.

My steps so far:

  1. Sliced up a handful of Lion’s Mane (didn’t weigh/take photos, sorry)
  2. Outside in direct sunlight for ~3 hours (it was about 31°C here)
  3. In a dehydrator 155F for about 2 hours at 68°C

Tomorrow I’m probably going to:

  1. Finish drying in the sun some more
  2. Crush into a powder
  3. Hot water extraction

I still need to figure out more details about how exactly to do the hot water extraction, but the drying seems to be going well so far.

After drying it was reduced to this:

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Alright, It’s finished drying. I put it in a small coffee grinder to turn it into a powder. Did pretty well.

Afterwards, I had about 5 grams.

I’ve put it in a jar for now, I think I’ll wait until I have more before I do the extraction, since I don’t have very much.

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