Effectiveness of mycorhizal slurries

As a part of moving slowly into also having a plant nursery, I have been considering the possibilities of creating mycorhizal slurries to pour onto the plants on first transplantation and possibly while germinating seed.

My idea was to blend a whole host of locally foraged mushrooms with water in a regular blender. One question is whether it would be better to strain that water in order to get only small spores or if the actual mycelium-fruitbodies could propagate in the soil like when saprophytes are cloned on agar by cutting a piece of the fruitbody?

I guess a resonable method of application would be to pour some slurry into a pot that a plant is transplanted into (possibly over a thin layer of biochar to reduce anaerobic conditions and to help fledgeling hypha find growth pathways. Hopefully as these plants get planted in the ground somewhere they will also add to the diversity of the mycorhizal networks in that place.

So I am wondering, has anyone experimented with this? In that case, have you found increasing mycorhizae on the roots? Have you seen fruitbodies develop?

Any thoughts on this?

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