Fruiting Reishi and Lions Mane Jars In An SGFC

Daniella ( and I have been doing a lil experiment trying to fruit reishi and lions mane from jars in a shotgun fruiting chamber.

We innoculated grain jars with liquid culture (courtesy of kiezpilz), then did a grain to grain transfer (in a still air box) and have now put some fully myceliated jars in the sgfc.

photo of said sgfc

we can see that the lions mane is already fruiting, but i’m curious if the fruits will actually be able to escape the jars, or what’s going to happen

photo of lions mane fruiting in jars

no fruits yet that I can see on the reishi jars (also not sure if this coloration might be contamination or is normal)

photo of reishi jar with slight coloration

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We also innoculated three bags (two reishi and one lions mane) which are in the process of myceliating.

photo of three grow bags in the process of myceliating

Once fully myceliated, we plan to also fruit these bags in a shotgun fruiting chamber (which we mist and fan twice per day).

To make the bags, we used one jar of grain spawn per bag, and the following bulk substrate recipe (from kiezpilz), sterilized for 90 minutes at 15 psi:

Recipe for three bags:
800g saw dust
409g hemp husks
250g wheat bran
40g gypsum
3l h2o distributed to 3 bags

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