Tuning Fruiting Chamber Conditions

in the Kiez Pilz fruiting chamber we’ve been seeing

  • some bags not pinning
  • strange fruits
  • low BE

I’ve been wondering how we can improve the fruiting conditions. While looking into this I discovered the Mycodo forums, and there are so many interesting threads there on tuning fruiting chamber conditions

Here is a thread on adding a small fan to the FC to homogenize humidity around the chamber,
Minor change, great improvement in regulating humidity in fruiting room – Mycodo PID Tuning – Forum (interestingly, something I had already intuitively started with Kiez Pilz last week)

Here is someone posting about seeing condensation as a way to tune the chamber,

And here is a crazy thread on PID functions and set points,

I imagine there could be some nice guides somewhere on how to tune a fruiting chamber, or a sort of index of guides for different species. Perhaps the mycodo community is also a good group to be making this kind of thing.

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