What humidity sensor do you recommend?

This was a question that was asked in the biopunk kitchen telegram group,
which I’m recording here for future reference. I might keep doing this sometimes, using this forum as a kind of wiki for saving notes. Feel free to add any other recommendations to the thread.

Kiez Pilz is using this 20 euro regulator from Real, which seems to work well.

I also tried used an arduino env shield with an arduino mkr wifi before, but the arduino env shield doesn’t give accurate humidity readings above 80% so wasn’t super useful.

I’ve also been using a physical hygrometer for spot checks. This hygrometer seems the most reliable of the one’s I’ve used (in that it doesn’t bounce around and gives consistent readings).

I’m not convinced that digital regulation is necessary. Using a simple power timer with a manual hygrometer for spot checks to dial in the timing seems like a solid lower-tech option.

[image of physical hygrometer from bauhaus]

someone else responded:

In professional Farms they use wet dry bulb Thermometer. That’s the Most accurate. For small scale grows classical hygrometer is ok but always a approximate data. Digital Hygrometers often don’t operate well above 85% rLF.

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ran into some people on the mycodo forum, having a parallel conversation about this, just a couple months ago Most accurate temperature and humidity sensors – Mycodo General Discussion – Forum

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another interesting thread on mycodo Learning to use Mycodo for mushroom cultivation – Mycodo General Discussion – Forum

interesting hearing @cbaymac say that mushrooms like change - fluctuations in temperature and humidity to trigger fruiting.

I’m in part researching this because I feel like we still haven’t figured out how to dial in the conditions in our kiez pilz FC, still seeing some bags not pin, strange fruits, and low BE